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Phenq Fat Loss
Of their
body fat
PhenQ Weight Loss
Of their
body weight
PhenQ Diet Pills
Of their
Muscle Mass
Turn Your Body Goal Fantasies into A Real Life Experiences!


PhenQ is a unique blend of the top weight reduction aspects which truly ensure that your body gets 'slim' the perfect amount, just how you have always dreamed!

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PhenQ offers the miracles of various weight loss pills in a single tablet extraordinarily!

Phenq Appetite suppressant


Eating healthy will be your new habit as with PhenQ, untimely eating, over eating and junk food cravings will not bother you anymore!

Phenq Metabolism booster


Aids in a swift fat burning course to reveal a slimmer figure by charging body's thermogenic tempos and by increasing metabolism.

phenQ fat blocker


Stay positive and forget crankiness! Phen-Q offers an amazing feature of stopping the fat production in the body for good. Wave gaining weight goodbye forever!

Phenq energy booster


Stay super charged all day long because of Phen Q's effectively designed ingredients, making your weight loss journey trouble free.

Phenq fat burner


With soothing mood enhancers combined with other ingredients, your mood will be uplifted during your calorie cutting days!

With a crown combination of ultimate weight reduction features, what more could you want?

Save hundreds of dollars by investing in PhenQ once rather than spending it on uncountable products every month!

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PhenQ alone will do the Trick. Go nowhere else.

What is PhenQ made of?

Help yourself reap the maximum benefits from the top class Diet Pills available in 2017.

With the mélange of natural ingredients, powerful formulas and beneficial herbs, Phen Q is scientifically proven to show the best fat reduction results like none other.

It is effective, user friendly and definitely safe to use.

While being produced according to FDA and GMP regulations, PhenQ is manufactured in US and UK to provide its worldwide customers with the utmost fitness solutions.

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So, what are these PhenQ ingredients and what value
each of this offer, let’s have a glimpse


Capsimax powder

Capsimax powder is an amazing mélange of capsicum, piperine, niacin (vitamin B3) and caffeine. The purpose of these ingredients, namely piperine and capsicum is to increase the internal body temperature, also known as thermogenesis which directly aids in weight loss. As soon as the thermogenic rate boosts, your body loses more fat. The studies also reveal that piperine (black pepper) can actually bring new fat cells development to an end for good.

L carnitine

L-carnitine Furmarate

This essential ingredient is found in nuts, different vegetables and meat. The amino acid, L-carnitine signals the body to convert the stored fat into energy.

This ingredient will not only aid in shedding pounds but will also keep you on the move by tackling fatigue.



Since Nopal cactus is rich in fibre, it directly helps you with your appetite control. It also helps maintain high levels of energy as it includes amino acids.

Furthermore, it aids in flushing out fluids from the tissues which are stored due to fluid retention in the body. With less water weight and added energy, you can easily focus on your weight loss voyage.


Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine is the most chosen ingredient by professional trainers and athletes because of the fat burning abilities. Caffeine has the properties to make you more attentive while increasing your focus levels, reducing exhaustion and boosting energy levels.

By enhancing your thermogenic rates, you will be able to lose weight quickly and complete your workout routines in a better manner.


Chromium picolinate

This is a useful mineral present in most of the foods we eat such as meat, vegetables and grains. This ingredient aids in keeping your sugar and carb yearnings in check by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. As soon as your body has the desired amount of sugar, it stops urging you to consume further. Chromium Picolinate aids in weight loss by letting the cells consume as much sugar as they desire at once so that you no longer face sugary hunger pangs and can lose weight smoothly.


Calcium Carbonatel

While losing weight is hard, maintaining lost weight is harder. Not anymore! Calcium isn’t just essential for our bones and teeth, it also has the properties to send signals to our body not to store fat anymore.

It tells the cells that enough nourishment is being provided, hence, instead the cells engage in shedding out the stored fat, helping you burn all the unnecessary fat layers swiftly.

Thorough scientific researches and studies reveal the capabilities of a-Lacys Reset in minimizing fat from the body, reducing weight steadily while improving the shape of the muscles.

a-Lacys Reset is the best solution to your weight loss dilemmas. Created by using the state of the art methods, scientific research and clinical tests, this formula enhances your metabolic rate and blazes your body's internal temperature (thermogenic rate) to systematically aid in burning excessive calories, burning fat and eventually providing you with the idyllic body!

The metabolic rate is referred to the natural process of the body burning calories. With a-Lacys Reset by your side, you can now speed up your metabolism within minutes! This will burn down your fat and all the excessive calories quicker than you can imagine.

With a boosted metabolism and an accelerated thermogenesis, you no longer have to worry about burning calories the old fashioned way. Be ready to get your superlative body in a jiffy! See: 10 Perfect Weight Loss Tips to Lose Weight Fast

PhenQ Side Effects

Though, there may be some ingredients which might not suit your body in the beginning, as our body resists change and takes a time to respond, however, this is not a point of concern as any such unusual sign would resolve on its own over a period of week or two.

As caffeine is a crucial part of its formula, so there is a chance of side effects for the ones who are sensitive, or say, allergic to it.

In such a case, one must stop or reduce its consumption through other food sources while the reaction settles.

In case signs and symptoms of reaction do not resolve, stop your dosages and consult your doctor!

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Phenq Guarantee

PhenQ has hundreds of satisfied customers all around the world who are benefiting from their new overall looks, healthier weights and amazing figures/ physiques.

While Official PhenQ website promise you great results, nonetheless if the product does not satisfy you in one way or the other, avail our 60 day funds back warranty and indulge in happy buying. Easily return all unopened bottles with full packing in 67 days and receive all your funds back trouble free. Your satisfaction is our pride!

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The recommended dosage of this slimming formula is two pills a day, which makes it a product very much easy to use.

If you are keen to experience maximum weight loss effects from the usage of Phen-Q, take a single pill with your breakfast, and the other with your lunch! That’s how it should be ideally used!

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PhenQ Testimonials
Phenq Testimonials

Ella who works in education
sector tells you about her

My name is Ella, and I am a 27-year-old girl who works in the education sector. I have experienced firsthand and would like to share with all of you. I started consuming the Phenq diet pills back in August and now that I am 2 months down the weight loss voyage, I finally decided to write about the miraculous pills, their benefits, usage, pros, and cons, etc.
See My Weight Loss Results

PhenQ Frequently Asked Questions
  • How will PhenQ help me lose weight?
    Phen--Q is a unique dietary supplement which has the right ingredients to help you lose weight by burning the fat layers, preventing fat from further storage while it will curb your meal proportions and timings. With these aspects lined up, these pills will definitely do the trick!
  • How many pills should I take each day?
    PhenQ tablets are designed to be taken twice daily. One pill should be consumed with breakfast whereas the second pill should be consumed during lunch hours. It is advised to limit the consumption of caffeine in any form as Phen Q already has caffeine as its main ingredients.
  • How many pills does one bottle have?
    A single bottle of PhenQ includes 60 pills, meaning one bottle will last one person for 30 days. While other brands only offer 30 pills per bottle, Phen Q's team offers you a far more better weight loss plan.
  • What is the prescribed course time for Phen-Q?
    Losing weight is a slow process in itself. While it depends on the fact how much weight any individual needs to lose, however, Experts suggest a minimum course of 60 days (2 months). For a 2 month course, you will have to purchase 2 bottles. The best part is when you purchase 2 bottles, the third one is totally free.
  • Where can i find PhenQ at Amazon, GNC, eBay and Walmart?
    Neither you can find, Nor you can Buy! PhenQ can only be found and purchase at the official website only.
  • How can I purchase the PhenQ Weight Loss Pills Online?
    These supplements can be ordered online from the official website These supplements are only available on the official website and nowhere else. Kindly refrain from buying Phen Q copies, duplicates or fake products if they are available on any other website such as Amazon or in local stores.
  • What is the payment procedure?
    You can pay for the bottles you have purchased via a master card or a debit card. Visa card payments are also accepted.
  • Which people should not consume PhenQ supplements?
    All expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers are not eligible to consume PhenQ pills. Minors under the age of 18 should not take these pills either.
    If you have undergone a surgery, are prescribed to any medicines or are prone to allergic reactions, kindly consult your doctor/ health practitioner prior to the use of these supplements.
  • Where and when do you deliver the product?
    Phen-Q supplement bottles are dispatched for delivery within 24- 48 hours as soon as the order is confirmed. Delivery options are available globally, FREE OF COST as long as 2 or more bottles are ordered. Upon ordering a single bottle, the client is requested to pay $9.98 for delivery charges. Order will be delivered on the given address within 10-15 days.
  • Do you give Coupons, discounts or packages?
    Yes. PhenQ offer their clients great saving opportunities on bulk purchases. PhenQ offer one month's course FREE (one bottle) if you purchase 2 bottles and give 2 bottles FREE OF COST if you purchase 3 bottles.
  • How can I get the best results by using PhenQ Diet Pills?
    You can get the desired results by using PhenQ Weight loss supplements for at least 2 months along with healthy eating and daily exercise regimes.
  • Will my information be safe and secure at the time of the order?
    Yes. All customer information is safe as use 2048-bit encryption. Your personal information will not be misused.
  • Where to Buy PhenQ in USA, UK, Australia, France and Canada?
    Click on the links for the purhase via official website:

    Buy PhenQ in USA | Buy PhenQ in UK | Buy PhenQ in Australia | Buy PhenQ in France | Buy PhenQ in Canada


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