PhenQ Diet Pills Review [Updated 2016]

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Much have been written about PhenQ and its effectiveness with regard to weight loss, however, very few are aware of the fact that PhenQ is a weight cutting agent that is similar to an anti-obesity drug called Phentermine.

However, the usage of PhenQ, when compared to the usage of Phentermine, is very much safe as PhenQ is a diet pill made from natural ingredients.

Of course, the backbone of every supplement is its ingredients, something that makes it effective or ineffective. Likewise, the ingredients of PhenQ are what responsible for its effectiveness and success.

These PhenQ ingredients have been meticulously researched by some experts who have equally paid heed towards the safety factor.

The ground-breaking formula of PhenQ is of extreme significance for all body types, age groups and sexes. Ruling the market for seven long years, this prescription free phentermine diet pill has served to be a miracle for all those who wanted a serious, body transformation.



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Plus point:

Phenq Review TestimonialPhenQ is the most purchased weight loss supplement that is commonly referred as the safer substitute of Phentermine.

It is a blend of some high-grade, well researched ingredients that makes it a formula powerful enough to target body fats through distinct approaches.

A-lacys reset, the mainstay of PhenQ makes it a weight loss supplement with unparallel fat cutting properties.

It is a patent-protected fusion comprising of the two most active, fat busting ingredients called cysteine and alpha-lipoic.

With a price pretty much easy to afford and a worth praising two months money back guarantee backup, PhenQ becomes a miracle fat burner supplement preferable for all.

Minus point:

The diet pills are not meant and suitable for those under the age of eighteen. Furthermore, the consumption of PhenQ is strictly discouraged by the ones expecting or nursing a baby.

As synthetic ingredients are not a part of its formula, thereby, considering the product to generate results overnight, would serve you no good.

In case with PhenQ Diet Pills, one must remain tolerant for a minimum period of 6-8 weeks, in order to witness the desired results and build up a concrete opinion!

Bottom Line:

Considering the fact that PhenQ has manage to won 190 thousand happy customers PhenQ in a period of 7 years, it seems that the product has great potential and value to deliver to its users.

No doubt, the brand is doing exceptionally well and has proven each and every word said by its manufactures in the said time!

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Ghislain Phenq Diet pills before and after
Phenq Before and After – Ghislain R. lost 11lbs in 1 month

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PHENQ – The Real Weight Loss Breakthrough for 2016

The supplement, with its unmatched weight loss effects, has set a benchmark for its competitors and those willing to enter the market.

Phenq fat burner studyThe fat busting formula of PhenQ addresses the problem through a number of approaches.

PhenQ weight loss supplement is not just favorable for the ones interested to lose the extra, added kilos from their weight, however, is also an excellent choice for the ones interested to control and manage their weight.

No doubt, the product is an excellent way to kick start your weight loss journey and compliment your efforts, however, what makes it worth praising is the fact that it does not demands or requires its users to make significant amendments or alterations in their lifestyles.

That is, to benefit from the powerful effects of PhenQ Weight Loss Pills, healthy eating and moderate amount of workouts is all that’s needed!

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  • The fast acting and potent formula of PhenQ is a perfect blend of some well-researched ingredients that are best proven to slash the unwanted body weight, safely. It is a weight loss drugs that ideally works to shape your body exactly the way you want!
  • Its fat busting ingredients enable you to shed those stubborn lbs that did not respond to other weight loss methods in the past.
  • PhenQ is the best rated, sold and recommended supplement that deliver quick and lasting weight loss effects.
  • Benefits delivered by PhenQ are unmatched and superior to those delivered by its competitors.
  • It helps to melt down the thick deposition of fat, so that you can confidently flaunt your well-shaped body in the crowd.
  • To make you take fewer calories, it decreases your hunger with its powerful, appetite curbing properties.
  • It prevents your body from adding more weight in the future, simply by haltering the production of fat in the body.
  • Despite suppressing hunger, PhenQ does not let your energy levels drop. It helps to alter fats into energy by speeding up a slow, sluggish metabolism.
  • Its mood enhancing ingredients make your weight loss journey an experience worth remembering.
  • This high quality supplement has been developed in a GMP certified facility and FDA accredited lab in United Kingdom and United States of America, respectively.

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phenq weight loss resultsYou must have heard about Phentermine from a friend or a fellow worker, a lot.

It is one of the most powerful and one of the most effective, weight cutting formulas that has been changing lives of many, for the past 70 years.

Being a prescribed drug, Phentermine is not accessible, or say, meant for all those looking forward to slim down.

The drug is only prescribed by a professional health care provider, after he or she, thoroughly assesses the case history of the patient.

Yes, with this, its pretty much clear that Phentermine is a drug not suitable for each and every person with unhealthy weight.

It is only prescribed by a doctor who feels the need to prescribe this weight loss medication to its patients, as it is not a regular or conventional weight loss pills!

Well, this may sound upsetting for many, as this drug is exceptionally powerful in cutting the unwanted body weight in weeks. Those who have experienced the drug have said to mark a drop of 15-22 lbs within its one month usage, which is something of course, incredibly impressive!

Basically, Phentermine works as an appetite controlling agent for people who have no hold on their overeating habits. The drug simply suppresses hunger which in turn, results in lowering the total amount of calories that an individual consumes on day to day basis.

Technically, when the body is provided with fewer fats and calories, your chances to get in shape, increases!

However, when there is so much good to discuss about this powerful appetite suppressant, Phentermine, it is pertinent to add that it also possesses a darker side!

Learn more about: Phentermine Vs PhenQ

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Taiylah before and after phenq
Phenq Results – Taiylah P. lost 44lbs in 3 months


To come up with a natural substitute of Phentermine, the formula of PhenQ has been designed in such a way that can directly target your appetite first. Of course, our appetite is what can help us add or reduce weight. Those who are willing to lose some pounds need to cut off their calories consumption and for that, reducing the intake of food is important.

For those who cannot resist their food temptations, the appetite suppressing powers of PhenQ can help them overcome the concern and thus, make their weight loss definite and guaranteed.


Your metabolism can help you reach your weight loss goals way more speedily and efficiently, provided that it is well-paced! Metabolic boosting ingredients of PhenQ are wisely chosen to activate and intensify your metabolic rate. By this, your body is prevented from amassing the excess fats within.


The fat blocking properties of PhenQ makes it a product good enough for controlling weight in the future. Interestingly, ingredients of PhenQ are highly powerful in impeding the making of fats that is done by the body cells.

In a case like this, the body is more likely to manage weight on its own.


The energy boosting powers of PhenQ are highly appraised by the masses. Of course, your energy levels are likely to drop, once your consumption of food is reduced.

However, the energy boosting ingredients of this diet pill upgrade your energy levels, so that you can actively perform your workouts, particularly those fat busting exercises every day.


PhenQ, being a powerful thermogenic booster promotes fat burning. This is done through raising the body’s temperature, which facilitate the incineration of stored fats easily.

This Phenq weight loss pill is best recommended for its fat busting powers and potential to reduce the body fat percentage in weeks.

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phenq ingredients

These ingredients, apart from making PhenQ a powerful fat buster, metabolic booster and appetite suppressant, make it an agent effective enough to boost your general health!

According to them, PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement is based on natural ingredients that are highly researched and of superior quality. These components are proven to produce fat cutting effects on the body.

Apart from being highly active in nature, these ingredients, when forms a fusion, work to deliver long lasting, weight loss effects.

Now comes the fact that makes PhenQ different from other diet pills prevailing in the weight loss industry these days!

So, what are these ingredients and what value each of these offer, lets have a glimpse:

1. Capsimax powder:

Capsimax Powder

It is the fat busting mixture of piperine, vitamin B3 and capsicum. Research suggests that capsimax powder is extremely essential in activating thermogenic process in the body.

A boost in the process enables quick and further cutting of fats, which ultimately has a good impact on your overall weight.

It is pertinent to mention that piperine holds the ability to slow down the creation of fat cells in the body.

2. L-carnitine furmarate:

It plays a very crucial part in the transformation of fats into energy. When more and more stocked fats are converted into energy, not just your energy levels rise, but your fat percentage also decreases.

3. Nopal:

Rich in fiber, this very ingredient is used for its appetite suppressing powers. Apart from fiber, it also supplies amino acids to your body which is essential for the upgrading of energy levels.

4. Caffeine anhydrous:

Caffeine anhydrousCaffeine is best known for its energy enhancing and weight reducing powers. This is the reason why it is commonly used in products that either help to boost energy or cut weight.

Being a stimulant, caffeine helps to sharpen focus and eliminates fatigue.

And last, but not the least, it helps to curb hunger and speed up fat burning process, simply by intensifying thermogenesis in the body.

5. Chromium picolinate:

The benefits of chromium picolinate are not limited to weight loss. Being a natural mineral, the ingredient is said to reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings, which indicates that the ingredient might also help in regulating blood sugar levels.

6. Calcium carbonate:

Apart from improving bone density, the ingredient helps to reduce weight. It does so by limiting the storage of fats by the body.

Well, the uniqueness of PhenQ lies in A-lacys reset®. This patent-protected fusion of the two very active, fat busting ingredients, named

  • Cysteine
  • Alpha-lipoic acid.

This formula, comprising of the aforementioned ingredients has remained a subject of several researches for years.

Much have been said and proved by researchers however, according to the findings of some reliable researches, A-lacys reset® holds the potential to boost the body’s metabolic rate, naturally.

7. A-lacys Reset:

Phenq labelIt was further found that the formula can also help in encouraging muscle mass, which is a plus point for the ones willing to get the perfect body shape, apart from slimming!

A study conducted on A-lacys reset® presented some interesting findings about this formula. According to it, participants that were given the formula experienced the following changes:

  • A drop of 7.24% in the fat percentage.
  • An increase of 3.80% in muscle mass.
  • A drop of 3.44% in weight.

These findings indicate that A-lacys reset® holds the potential to slim and trim your body, all at once!

It is important to mention that there is no other weight loss product or supplement that has A-lacys reset® as its ingredient!

So, these were some worth mentioning ingredients used in the making on PhenQ.

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phenq package
phenq ratingsEvery product has its effects both good and a bad. You will find this product as the only weight loss product that offers no adverse effects on your health.

This thing is proved by clinical tests and users reviews. Till now we have not reported even a single side effect.

However you must read the how to use section of this article in order to know few precautionary measures that you have to take while using this product in order to avoid any risk of side effects.

There is not much to add in the section of potential side effects as this weight loss supplement is safe in nature.

Though, there may be some ingredients which might not suit your body in the beginning, as our body resists change and takes time to respond, however, this is not a point of concern as any such unusual sign would resolve on its own in a period of week or two.

As caffeine is a crucial part of its formula, so there is a chance of side effects for the ones who are sensitive, or say, allergic to it. In such a case, one must stop or reduce its consumption through other food sources while the reaction settles.

In case signs and symptoms of reaction do not resolve, stop your dosages and consult your doctor!

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The recommended dosage of this slimming formula is two pills a day, which makes it a product very much easy to use.

If you are keen to experience maximum weight loss effects from the usage of PhenQ, take a single pill with your breakfast, and the other with your lunch! That’s how it should be ideally used!

You should also try our all new Phenq Weight Loss Calculator and see how long it will take you to reach your desire Goal.

PhenQ Price and Packages

There are 3 new offers to consumer on PhenQ prices and packages

  • Buying 1 Bottle (60 Tablets) cost $69.95 (SAVE $10)
  • Buying 2 Bottles and Get 1 Bottle FREE at $139.85 (SAVE $70)
  • Limited Time Offer: Buy 3 Bottles & Get 2 Bottle FREE at $199.95 & SAVE $149 


60-day-guaranteeConsidering all the plus points of this slimming formula which is scientifically proven, none can deny that PhenQ has great potential!

It is a weight loss supplement that’s worth testing and worth recommending!

So, if you are all set for a serious body transformation, get yourself PhenQ and let the supplement make that possible!


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Valerie O Phenq Weight loss Pills Before and After
Valerie O. lost 20lbs in 5 months

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PhenQ can be ideally purchased directly from its official makers and distributors. That is from the official website of PhenQ. A purchase done through this source would help you grab a genuine PhenQ supplement. In other cases, the chances of fraud and scam are higher.

Plus, the company offers PhenQ at the least possible rate, with two months money back guarantee and further discount on bulk purchase!

What more is needed?

Now if you are fully ready to use this product. Then you only have to go to official PhenQ website and place order. You don’t need to rush to markets and search for this product.

After placing order and submitting amount we will ship this product to your given address in few days. This shipping costs you nothing. It’s totally free from our side.

Moreover, you can get back your amount within 60 days if you are not satisfied by the effects of product.

phenq price and packages


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